Sir Tim Berners-Lee, academy of Achievement

The web is humanity interconnected. So he was full of I guess its the passion is the main thing, and just letting it radiate. So we are trying to build systems which will allow each of those levels, communities of all those different sizes, to flourish and to be interconnected.

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Looking ahead at the 21st Century, what most concerns you? L'invention du World Wide Web modifier modifier le code, l'ordinateur NeXT, utilis par Tim Berners-Lee pour inventer le World Wide Web. When we make new developments like the data protocols, the Data Web, Semantic Web, same thing again.

Berners, lee : The year open data went worldwide, tED

PC Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award in Technical Excellence. But halfway through that, I progressively moved my interest from the trains to the electronics that would control them, and making things, so that the train would stop at the station. How do I know if that will lead to a web of good stuff? The difference between the microscopic and the macroscopic is still a challenging step. I still had to solder a bunch of stuff, put a clock circuitry around it and connect it up to memory circuitry.

Tim Berners-Lee : The next web, tED

Zuckerberg suggested in his televised interview that he'd be open to some kind of regulation. Le, il est lun des trois rcipiendaires du prix Mikhail Gorbachev pour «LHomme qui a chang le Monde» The Man who changed the World aux cts de Ted Turner et Evans Wadongo.

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What was that like? We can build huge systems! Ferranti took it over for commercial production and they called it the Mark. They worried that the pressure of American culture would rush in, and everything would go down to the lowest common denominator, to the smallest language, the common language used by all the peoples of the world, as they feared McDonalds taking over their restaurants.