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All XML schemas are fully customizable and new tags and extensions can be added. Instead, the product uses sophisticated context-aware semantic matching of profiles between job orders and candidate profiles. DaXtra Parser outputs a defined XML schema for both Candidates and Vacancies. Wsdl account_id: "your sovren account id service_key: "your sovren service key. Textractor, the companys core engine, uses thousands of examples learn how to automatically recognise data from resumes/CVs and profiles.

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Sovren Group m, founded 1996, united States, about Resume Parser, resume Parser Features). As a grammar-based parser alex assigns meaning to terms (words and sentences) based upon the context in which they appear. Alexs ability to identify properly the context of CV/resume and job posting terms significantly improves the accuracy of output data compared to conventional key-word-based and statistical parsers. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature).

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It is also the most configurable Resume/CV Parser available on the market. Also, it works really well on UK addresses, fairly well on Australian addresses, crashes and burns on Indonesian addresses. LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing and Viadeo. Html, Microsoft Office html, html Archives PDF, all flavors Corel WordPerfect Email Text, many encodings Excel Compressed files (Zip, Gzip) and many other formats.

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API call set. A quickstart tutorial enables automated CV parsing within minutes.

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Deep Learning is being rolled out to additional languages on an ongoing basis. Installation, add this line to your application's Gemfile: gem 'sovren and then execute: bundle, or install it yourself as: gem install sovren, usage Example.

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Randstad Technologies, Penta, Spencer Ogden, HCL, Orion Group. Not only does DaXtra Search aggregate searching, it integrates directly into your CRM database, meaning that the CV data you already own is exploited to maximum effect.