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with Chase credit. By: John Kiernan, Credit Card Editor You can easily check the status of your Chase credit card application by calling Chases automated phone line,. Not once, other than on the secure messaging site, has Chase ever contacted me about this matter. I booked a Car via the Ultimate rewards program using the points. How does Chase credit card activation work?

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But who cares about logic these days? If the merchant didn't dispute that for 2 billing cycles, the credit would stay permanently. Every way for every kind of cards including sapphire, freedom etc. I have had this card for nearly 25 years and have never missed a payment, never had a late payment, and my current balance is about 23 of my limit.

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There you will find verify card Click. I'll not use this card this card for anything else. Make all my purchases on my Chase Freedom Card and pay the full amount monthly with auto pay from my credit union account thus earning cash rewards. 18, 2018 Never a single late payment or over-credit limit with this card or any other.

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Chase has some of the most understanding customer service. I notified Chase I would have charges to help friend in foreign country - no problem. My only logic to closure is I was totally disabled by drunk. I had to dispute my item for the service I didn't use. I called back because when I hung up I was very upset and it sounded like the rep may have said something when I hung.

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10 people found this review helpful Sandy of West Saint Paul, MN Verified Reviewer Original review: Jan. See monthly updates to your fico Score and the reasons behind your score for free. I've carried the card in question over 10 years.