Bitcoin Slumps Below 7,500 as Drop From Recent Peak Tops

Some combination of technical wizardry, human social engineering and clever insights into a cryptocurrency system can and will destroy the trust that seems to exist imho. Bitcoin has plunged 58 from its December highs, Warren Buffett has compared it to rat poison, and few people use it for everyday purchases.

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He also said that it needed to be held to higher standards, and that cryptocurrencies were part of speculative mania. Beyond government threats there are technological threats. I believe Bitcoin will drop below 500. Bitcoin had a stellar year in 2017, starting at around 800 and steadily gaining value, before touching an all-time high of 19,783 on December 17th. While theres no immediate reason for todays dip, bitcoin has been falling over the past week.

When will Bitcoin drop to 500 again?

Source: Getty Images. Owners who got in on the world's first cryptocurrency craze as recently as a year ago have enjoyed wonderful success and are currently up about 577, though late comers who bought in at the turn of the New Year are down almost. This is going to have some real legs.

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Great Britain, for example, has recently published a working paper on the subject, while the Bank of Englands governor Mark Carney states that the institution is open to the idea of a central bank-issued digital currency. He believes bitcoin could potentially fall below the 6,000 mark in the short term, and test both the 5,700 and 5,500 marks respectively.

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Too expensive to mine With bitcoin's meteoric rise in price over the past year, bitcoin mining became a profitable venture. These downward slopes keep getting more level. Teresa Kersten is an employee of LinkedIn and is a member of The Motley Fools board of directors.

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Nobody looking for a safe place for monetary value is looking to store it in an asset that they have no reasonable idea how it will be priced in a month's time, much less a year. In any other industry, this would be a death knell.