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The token sale quickly crashed the website, and the website remains down as of December 1 so clearly, theres been a lot of interest in the new lending platform (see our update below explaining how the ICO has now been delayed to December 5). We dont even know if the maximum supply is really 20 million, or if some number of coins have been pre-mined. This is where users can enter into the platform early and get the most inexpensive price for the token.

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So what exactly does this mean? 400 which draws Excellent scores from Consumer Reports for its temperature control and energy efficiency. The daily commission comes from Bitsten market income. So, keeping in mind what weve learned so far, how much will the Chill Chest cost you? (Well update this here when we learn more.).

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When your loan matures and you get your initial investment back. You can read more about the global warming impact of some refrigerants, and which substitutes are and aren't acceptable, on the Environmental Protection Agency website. The token sale is scheduled from December 1 to January. The Flip Box held a 58 percent five star rating based on 236 reviews as of this writing, with many users noting that the cooler really was able to keep things cool, even in very warm conditions over a period of several hours.

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So for example if you got in the first round.15 and it eventually went.50 that is a 10 times gain on your money. Initially, Steneum issued an announcement through their Facebook page apologizing for the trouble and claiming they would try to fix. Lets also assume the price 1 STN is equal to 1 USD.

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Fifth Round (4 to 5 Million Coins.50. Weighing in at less than two pounds, the manufacturer claims that the Chill Chest is perfect for sporting tailgating events, backyard parties, or a day at the beach, and they even claim that you can use it to keep your grocery items cool on the. Steneum not only has really low supply of simply 5 million coins, they are also giving the most affordable ICO prices: 0 1 Million Coins:.15 1 2 Million Coins:.20 2 3 Million Coins:.30 3 4 Million Coins:.40 4 5 Million Coins. However I must say that Steneum has become my favorite out of the three!

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Steneum has some nice attributes to it and why I believe its a good idea to invest. I will be striving to find out more about this company. They also say this it's fairly quiet - probably due to its lack of an auto-defrost feature. Steneum has a small roadmap posted on their official website.

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Youll be required to pay return shipping to get the product back in order to process your refund. Our best-reviewed model in this category is the. The existing countdown for the preliminary coin offering. Its basically affordable to everyone.