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Multiple monitors feature a "Johnny Cat" animation, based on the " Keyboard Cat " meme. " Johnny Gat : " Not if you wanna keep breathing. I have come to a singular conclusion. 53 Risking life and limb, mild mannered reporter Jane Valderama conducted a provocative interview with a rogue Ultor scientist who identified herself only as Tera.

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14 During the Battlefield Promotion cutscene, Johnny gives Aisha a bouquet of flowers, reconciling their relationship which had become strained during the takedown of the Vice Kings. 78 Gat claiming that Zinyak abducted him retcon 's the established facts of the series. " Julius : " Shit seemed so much simpler in the old days, didn't it, Johnny?

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" Shaundi : " Yeah, normally banks don't look like a palace either. " CID : " After researching your exploits both on earth and within your own simulation.

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I'm sorry you had to go through that. The gatv Pack DLC pack features Gat's clothing and glasses from Saints Row: The Third and makes his hair style Gat Hair available at Image As Designed. 44 After his rescue, The Protagonist can partake in a Genki Arena created by Matt Miller with Johnny, and they catch up on what has been happening.

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After disposing of all the Ronin, The Protagonist accidentally distracts Johnny for a second while attempting to shoot Jyunichi, resulting in Johnny being impaled to the hilt and losing consciousness. That's what I thought. 25 Gat stays in the hospital for a while up until the Ronin invade to finish him off, but The Protagonist, who is visiting Gat at the time, gets him away safely. It's in the past.