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Smart Contracts that makes it unique and very promising. We will use that for the mining pool later.

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The reward of 5 ether currently per block gets split in the same ratio of hashrate each member provides (minus the pool fee). But before we can use that installer we need to install some dependencies that installer needs as it will have to compile a Linux kernel module for you. Nice if you like web pages, can't comment on it, might be worth checking if you don't expose anything to the outside world that might endanger the security of your ETH, am I paranoid? And also do not forget the passphrase, as if you do, you lost all your coins!

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The balance of that wallet is visible to everyone using the blockchain database. I had numbers around 25-30 MH/s, but for real mining you will see an average that is a balanced number and not a min/max range.

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No idea what it means, easy Update: Update to the latest ethOS version with a single command. For other distros you have to substitute the steps yourself. On Windows the GTX 1070 produced a hashrate of 6 MH/s (megahashes per second) while the same hardware does 25 MH/s on Linux. Supports AMD GPUs: Any 2GB HD 7000 series, any R9 200/300 series, including R9 390/390X/Fury/Nano again, not a feature. You need to spent computing time to get coins out.

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Ethereum has 2 networks, one is called Ethereum One or Core, while the other is called Ethereum Classic. As of writing, the hashrate of ETC is at 20 compared to ETH.

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Ethereum has made a hardfork to undo the consequences of a software bug in the DAO. The DAO is a smart contract for a decentralized organization. If it says H/s that is hashes per second and KH is kilo (H/1000) and MH is megahashes per second (KH/1000).