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129.25 Swiss Franc Currency Bulk Lot.99 0 bids.95 P P 10 franc note 10 francs. Only the San Francisco Mint struck half dollars in 1933 and most coins show heavy wear with values.00-25.00, better circulated grades are.00 to 500.00. Sorry man, I have one of these it is only worth about 1 dollar (usd).

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Written below in small print, by the rim, is the mark of the producing mint, an "A" for Paris on pieces dated 1850, or a "B" for Bern on coins made from 1857 to 1863. The back has a shield with boughs of leaves on either side, the denomination above the shield and the date below. Written in a clockwise direction along the coin's rim is the French name of the Swiss Confederation, "confederation suisse with the two words separated by the woman and the star. There were no Australian "cent" coins minted prior to 1966. If you're referring to a Belgian or Swiss coin please post a new question with that detail.

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You would fetch anywhere between 255 and 429 US dollars. Friedrich Fisch, a Swiss artist hailing from Aarau, produced the initial design for the 2 franc coin, and Antoine Bovy (17951877 a sculptor from Geneva, engraved the original dies. Unless includes the name, weightand fineness of precious metal somewhere on the design, the copy ismost likely made of a base metal plated with brass or a tiny amountof gold. The 2 franc piece was subsequently produced again in limited quantities in 1857, but at the newly functioning Swissmint in Bern instead of in Paris.

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The 10-centime coins in pure nickel were withdrawn from circulation as per The Swiss National Bank continues to exchange them at face value. Pieces struck in 18re composed.900 fine silver, while those made from 1860 to 1863 are made of a slightly less pure.800 fineness. However, the word "franc" in each language is different, with French and Romansh translating as franc, German as Franken, and Italian as franco. A well worn coin is worth less than.S. V d e Mintages Silver (22 stars) (18741967) Year Mint mark Mintage 1874 B (Bern) 1,000,000 1874 Specimen 1875 982,000 1875 Specimen 1878 1,500,000 1878 Specimen 1879 517,750 1879 Specimen 1886 1,000,000 1886 Specimen 1894 A (Paris) 700,000 1894 Specimen 1894 Pattern (Ag) 1896 Specimen.

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The only exception would be if it contained any silver, which should be indicated somewhere in the design -.g. an abbreviation for the Latin Antoine Bovy incidit, meaning "engraved by Antoine Bovy is included along the bottom periphery of the coin, displayed counterclockwise in small print. Coins made from 1874 to 1967 conform to the standards of the Latin Monetary Union, a former union of countries, including Switzerland, that aimed to unify various currencies into a single currency.

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The four higher-valued coins were all made with the same design. No 1933 double eagles were released for circulation, however 445,500 were minted and all were supposed to have been melted down. Some silver piedforts are known to exist.

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In 1894, however, many Italian coins circulating in Switzerland at the time were returned to their country of origin, and new Swiss coins were needed to replace them. Please post a new, separate question with the coin's denomination. The Helvetia from the 1850 series remained on the 5 franc piece until 1884, when it was replaced by a newer likeness.