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1/9/18 Fog, smoke and mirrors, yes it's all here. This is just another scam doubler. Both based on the Bitcoin Generator scams - Pretend to mine, but you have to send a release fee. Org Nope, just bitcoin error. More to come we don't doubt 1/22/18 and m, m,.

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4/9/18 m It won't be long before the real Dow Jones close down this scam, but until then, this is your warning. We're investigating, but in the meantime, if you get contacted by "Gary Simons" be aware that it's probably a scam.

23-27 - A sharp U-turn slams

Avoid this obvious scam, avoid the app, or lose your Btc. 8/28/17 m Pay them 3k to then install fakeware.

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5/19/15 m Hyip/Scam 6/3/15 m Try saying that domain name? Stay clear of these serial scams. This is a fraud. You have NO excuse to be using this site. 6/13/17 m (Dr Michael Moriarty) m Tempting isn't it?

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Whatever the theme, a hyip is just a thief with a website. 4/24/16 Hotbitcoins (Dr Michael Moriarty) The Safest Bitcoin Gambling m It isn't mining, it's just a hyip/fraud. Is it April 1st again? 4/22/17 m An indonesian that wishes to steal your bitcoin. None of them never pay.

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10/17/17 m Don't use this wallet. 11/15/17 m More MLM/Ponzi fraudster bullshit using the scam name that seems to persuade so many into parting with their precious bitcoin. 10/1/16 m Another of these multiplier scam attempts, surely nobody still falls for these? 11/1/15 t You will burn out your PC without ever reaching payout thresholds - Just don't install any shit software for home mining. 7/11/17 m Please always check that spelling.