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You will then see a green box saying Credit card successfully verified! As you are just a person, leave the tab on Individual. If you cant find the transaction information, from your Dashboard click Accounts and then the little box next to the Receive button to redisplay. Only requests for donations to large, recognized charities are allowed, and only if there is good reason to believe that the person accepting bitcoins on behalf of the charity is trustworthy.

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For example, /r/CryptoCurrency is a good place to discuss all cryptocurrencies. You have now bought some Litecoin! You just sent your Litecoin from your Coinbase wallet to your Poloniex wallet.

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Under the Buy tab, click the blue Add a Payment Method button. Login to your email account and locate the email from Poloniex. Back on your Dashboard we can see the Litecoin transaction is pending. Binance rather than Polinex if you prefer to. You will now be directed to the page titled Create your account.

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Here we will see our Litecoin balance. Logo design by /u/Annihilia. The next screen you will see is your Dashboard. You will see the screen below. You did it, YOU NOW OWN monero!

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When the transaction is confirmed it should appear in your Poloniex within about 5 -10 minutes. Now enter in how much you want to buy. We Use Coins and, bitcoin. If you are from the US I think you can bank transfer money across, as well as a couple of other different options if I remember correctly.

Deposit USD onto Poloniex?

You will now see the email verification page. Ad campaign: We previously collected donations to fund Bitcoin advertising efforts, but we no longer accept donations. Begging/asking for bitcoins is absolutely not allowed, no matter how badly you need the bitcoins. From wherever you are on the Poloniex website, click the Exchange button. Coinbase is yet to add Monero support, however you can still use their services to facilitate its acquisition.