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Vertcoin(VTC) Lyra2REv2 BT: 2m 37s BR:.00 LB: 957,904 28,861.841 789.56 Gh/s -0.9.2561.2538.00014795 (Bittrex) -1.5 43,694,871.02 BTC.00004.00004.25 -0. Failovers You must use failovers. This miner works both with pool and solo modes and even allows for dual mining.

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BitcoinPrivate(btcp) Equihash BT: 2m 29s BR:.56 LB: 350,160 122,851.764.75 Mh/s.0.1167.1190.00151606 (HitBTC) -7.4 204,007,746.57 BTC.00018.00018.19. In this guide, we're going to show you how to dual mine Ethereum Sia. Zencash(ZEN) Equihash BT: 2m 30s BR:.00 LB: 336,615 1,321,551.690.17 Mh/s.2.0764.0804.00286021 (Bittrex).5 79,076,119.10 BTC.00022.00023.51. Part 1 - Configure your rig.

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Share difficulty is static and equal to 50 billion. Trezarcoin(TZC) NeoScrypt BT: 1m 30s BR: 100.00 LB: 433,720.481.41 Gh/s -6.9 167.5642 155.9551.00000146 (Cryptopia) -2.3 918,250.13 BTC.00024.00023.50. Miner can be downloaded from the link below. Step 2: Enter the following command: GPU_force_64BIT_PTR 0 GPU_MAX_heap_size 100 GPU_USE_sync_objects 1 GPU_MAX_alloc_percent 100 GPU_single_alloc_percent 100 EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool nopool.

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Org:12222 (or any other pool's server) Worker: (example: 650fd7d53274978bbec email protected ) Password: x Siacoin Account Exchanges You can obtain the account registered at the exchange from the list below. Komodo(KMD) Equihash BT: 1m BR:.00 LB: 907,726 14,401,327.799.84 Mh/s -20.7.9784.7755.00024840 (Binance) -0.6 170,160,779.93 BTC.00024.00019.27. Org Gominer Download Download gominer: Download Extract the archive to any folder. Expanse(EXP) Ethash BT: 43s BR:.00 LB: 1,260,169 10,565,548M 245.71 Gh/s -3.6.8938.7889.00013624 (Bittrex) -0.2 7,077,745.49 BTC.00039.00038.50. Dont forget to set wallets, worker and email address to correct values.

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Please note that calculations are based on mean values, therefore your final results may vary. Specify the detailed description of the problem in the message. Org:7777 -dwal  -dcoin sia These command needs to be tailored for you, so let's look at the parameters: EthDcrMiner64.exe This is what starts the miner -epool The Ethereum pool you want to you. Hush(hush) Equihash BT: 2m 31s BR:.50 LB: 337,876 151,586,845.268.01 Mh/s.1.0979.5047.00005961 (Cryptopia) -1.3 1,654,229.40 BTC.00018.00021.37.

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Org:9980 -Q Where: your_address - your valid SiaCoin address your_worker - simple short worker name (like worker01). July 05, 2018, 09:48:16 AM (Moderator: mprep )  Author, topic: Claymore's Dual Ethereum amdnvidia GPU Miner v11.8 (Windows/Linux)  (Read 6191593 times). Balance confirmation after 5 blocks, default minimum payout is 1000 SIA. Musicoin(music) Ethash BT: 13s BR: 246.20 LB: 2,869,345 5,207,827M 400.60 Gh/s -0.6 361.4037 359.1223.00000109 (Bittrex).4 5,558,603.58 BTC.00039.00039.57. Suprnova's Ethereum Pool / Algo: Dagger / live!

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Third party iOS application for pool CoinDash. Org:7777, wallet: PSW: x, worker:, ESM: 0, allpools: 0 Dont forget to set wallet, worker and email address for SiaCoin to correct values.