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Download NMS Miner ( Complied with cuda 9, if getting invalid argument error in original Alexis78 miner then either use cuda.5 or this miner ). Earlier I used to create  separate articles for each coin but that method was time consuming and too much repetition. If your miner is crashing then either miner argo or mine both grlc argo. You have the flexibility of connecting any mining pool and mine any of our supported coins: altcom, BTG, CRC, DCR, DGB, ETC, ETH, ETN, EXP, FTC, GBX, GRS, hush, KMD, LBC, mona, SIB, TRZ, ubiq, vivo, VTC, XVG, ZCL, ZEC and ZEN (with more added periodically). Download LUX Wallet and  get LUX receiving address.

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Workername stratum Port: 5000, nIcehash Port: 5001). Change chcwork with your workername. Replace with your JLG receiving address.

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Get your receiving address. Exchange MUN Mining Pool : suprnova muncoin Mining Performance : 57 MH/s for 1080 ti MUN mining Profitability : 12/Day/1080 ti, last updated on 13-Jan-2018 MUN Price Now :.0034 btc,. Re-register on Suprnova and create woker again.

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Suprnova's Decred Pool / Algo: Blake256 (14 Rounds) / live! Suprnova's rvncoin Pool / Algo: x16r / live!

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Download bhdminer ( This is Alexis78 miner). JLG Windows Wallet get your JLG receiving address. Download excavator Miner KlausT ccminer. 8862 CCMiner: 8815 SSL: 8817).

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NMS Coin Ticker : NMS Numus Mining Algo : skein Numus Exchange : Cryptopia NMS Mining Pool : t NMS Mining Performance : 1000 MH/s for 1080 ti Numus mining Profitability : 13/Day/1080 ti, last updated on 11-Jan-2018. Stratum-port IS: stratumtcp:8816, nicehash (not recommended! argo Coin Ticker : argo argo Mining Algo : skein argo Coin Exchange : idge Mining Pool : t Argo Mining Performance : 1000 MH/s for 1080 ti Argo Mining Profitability : 6/day/1080 ti, 3-Feb-2018.

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Replace with your BHD receiving address. Features 02 / GPU monitoring, smartMine keeps track of GPU temperatures, power consumption etc. END Coin Ticker : END END Mining Algo : neoscrypt Endrophin Crypto Exchange : No exchange Endrophin Mining Pool : m END Mining Performance : 1900 kH/s for 1080 ti END Mining Profitability :?, 14-Feb-2018 Endrphin Price Now ? This is a, nGv2, pool - you can use your Suprnova unified login here!