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This occured 16 times, whenever thePresident or the vice-president died or resigned. The only powers outlined for the Vice President in the.S. His name was John Tyler and he became the tenth president when the ninth president died after only one month in office.

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Prior to 1967, the Vice Presidency, once vacated remained emptyuntil the next election. The take with Rick Klein The battle against the "deep state" is looking fairly shallow at the moment. Bush was elected after Ronald Reagan they take over after the death of the president (Andrew Johnson followed Abraham Lincoln or in one case took over after the president resigned, (Gerald Ford followed Richard Nixon). The Vice Pres attends funerals of foreign dignitaries and, at the request of the President, represents him when he is unable to attend personally. He casts the deciding vote in case of a tie.

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On the other hand it may not be correct as has been the case in the past when whoever makes the decision prefers not to surrender the power that goes with this job. The Note: Trumps 'Spygate' claim is evidence-free. The vice-president was Henry Wallace for most of the year having been sworn in on January 20, 1941. Nixon was Vice President of the United States from January, 1953 until January, 1961. The VP is the president of the US Senate.

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The others who succeeded presidents who died in office, namely Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson did not have vice presidents at first but got one when they were elected to four-year terms of their own. As of 2014 the current President of the Senate is JoeBiden. Yes, provided he has not served as president for more than 6 years and so is qualified to serve another term as president.

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