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Rather than writing follow-up articles about the performance of tokens vs ETH BTC, I set out to build a comprehensive data platform for ICOs with fellow crypto-enthusiasts. Check fundraising stats and relative performance measures for 75 and counting projects. Simple average of individual returns, where an individual return is measured as investing 1 in tokens/ETH/BTC at time of an ICO Disclaimer : In the spirit of full transparency, the TokenData team have invested and/or participated in the following tokens and token offerings. Respond to any findings that point at flaws in your smart contract code, and address the necessity for such terms before raising funds. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, TD has something for you: Completely new to cryptocurrencies?

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Read some of the ICO descriptions and youll find what youre looking for. Sign up for Token Sales news and data. We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics, personalisation, and ads.

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For example: Storj, Golem, and the Basic Attention Token projects all had their smart contract code reviewed and publicized by an independent third party ( Zeppelin ). The blockchain funding rollercoaster will see new highs and many new lows, and publicly available data is a must. The devil is in the details, after all. The, tokenData team uses, basic Attention Token s Brave browser and we cant wait to put our emotional hedge before the next.S.

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We created out of some nouveau sense of civic duty. Please tell us this is a prank-ICO.

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TokenData for the past several weeks. TDs, modus Operandi, our mission: Full transparency. For now, that means a complete and free repository of data., in its current form, is the optimal entry point in our efforts to pull back the curtain for an audience of varying levels of sophistication and give-a-sh*t-ness. So: Visit, read the full story behind our launch on, token Data and check out some fancy charts ( nr 1, nr 2 ). Paquarium is looking to build the worlds largest aquarium.

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Weve estimated the (simple) average return of our complete universe of traded ICOd tokens to be 16x, versus 13x for Ethereum and 2x for Bitcoin. Bancor raised 153M in an afternoon, but not without disputes when the sale window was extended. Find all upcoming ICOs in one place and at the same time look at why you hodl.