What is the value of a 10 cent, euro coin in US dollars?

The words "EIN euro cent" (one euro cent) appear at the top with a hatched Austrian flag below with the date. An Australian 1966 cupro-nickel 10 cent coin (Elizabeth II minted in London uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to 7 AUD.

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Roosevelt was portrayed on the obverse of the dime and has continued to this day. The eurozone consists of all EU countries that agreed toreplace their national currencies and share the euro as theircommon currency. 20 x 10 200 One full euro is worth approximately 73 rupees, so one euro cent isworth.73 rupees.

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Exchange rates change every day so any specific answer posted herewould be out of date almost immediately. The then-fifteen members of the EU are lightly highlighted and the northern half of Africa and the western half of Asia (including the Middle East ) are shown.

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It includes the interconnected letters IR (Repubblica Italiana) and the year is shown to the left with the mint mark below between the stars. This is most likely a "Liberty Seated" dime. Ese companies operate through the mail, buy all Eurodenominations (even your small change and don't charge a fee forthe exchange. It includes the interconnected letters IR (Repubblica Italiana) below and the year above.

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Please take a look. 2002 onward Greek euro coins An Athenian trireme from the 5th century BCE used in ancient Greece.

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noadditional fees, small/odd amounts accepted, and the fact that youcan unload all those pesky coins which came home in your camerabag, they offer a pretty good deal at a fair price. As of 9/8/2011 Most silver 10/25/50 cent coins and dollar coins(minted 1964 and earlier) are worth more now for their metal content (90 silver) with silver at 40 p/ounce. It includes, in a semicircle to the top right, the name of Cyprus in Greek and Turkish ( and kibris) each side of the date. The 10 euro cent coin (0.10) has a value of one tenth of a euro and is composed of an alloy called, nordic gold. If you are suggesting that you have an Australian 10 cent coin with the same image on both sides, there is almost no chance this could occur with modern minting processes.

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The image is taken from the previous one French franc coin designed by Louis Oscar Roty. All have to include twelve stars (in most cases a circle around the edge the engraver's initials and the year of issue. Rough guage today is coin value times 29 or, for dime, value.90 with silver at 42 p/ounce.