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This process includes the management of real-time payments between banks. ref SIX Interbank Clearing operates the SIC and euroSIC payment systems in Switzerland and across its borders. Finally, on behalf the Cantons of Switzerland, SIX manages the electronic information portal for land registry data. S wiss, i nfrastructure and E x change. 3 SIX also provides custody services for the safekeeping of shares and high-value documents.

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SIX operates worldwide and is headquartered. In the business area Securities Services, SIX takes care of post-trade processes ranging from central counterparty clearing to real-time settlement (including real-time realignment of holdings securities custody, risk management, collateral management and share registration services. Once cleared, the firm settles transactions by ensuring that the buyer receives the shares and the seller receives payment.

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It admits securities to be traded over the exchange, operates the trading platform, monitors trading activities and distributes market data. Cetrel and PayLife merged with SIX Payment Services and adopted the trade name of the latter. To contact SIX Securities Services AG, please visit. All trades within the scope of FinfraG need to be reported to an authorized trade repository.

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Since 2017, the solution is run and further developed by a consortium of Swiss banks together with SIX under the name twint. The trading platform operated by SIX allows the trading of equities, bonds, derivatives, investment funds and certificates, among other things. He services cover over 15 million financial instruments.

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The company provides services in the areas of securities trading (former SWX Group securities services (former SIS Group) and financial information and payment transactions (former Telekurs Group). Acquisitions edit, in 2013, SIX took over the Austrian PayLife Bank GmbH, followed by Norwegian Oslo Clearing ASA in early 2014. Thomas Zeeb, CEO of SIX Securities Services, concedes that DLT is still some way off for market-wide adoption, but adds that his team is firmly of the belief that the potential shown here is promising for us and for the industry as a whole.