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The premined coins will be distributed to the entire population of Iceland, commencing on midnight 25th of March 2014. I recommend disable it for 15min. Simple GPU Miner     64bit /32bit      XP/Vista/7/8 /Server Edition all versions. 9.) Exclude Simple GPU Miner from your Antivirus How to Exclude a Folder Depending on your Antivirus Software.

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 You will need the Correct Drivers installed from. It is based on litecoin and is 50 premined. Now that you know How to mine Auroracoin, Please As any Questions I will be more than happy to try to answer them! Online Wallet, direct Wallet Link, more Info, tech Specs, Current Ranking. What do i need to Mine Auroracoin?

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If you have any programs during Step.) testing the Auroracoin  Miner for some reason the software has issues with Some ATI Drivers to Fix follow the steps below. Add Shortcut to ProcessG. 6.)Download AMD SDK.9 and install then restart computer. And if none of them work go to Step 10, and reinstall your video card drivers.

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After the Airdrop, the only way to acquire auroracoins will be through mining and transacting. Re-target every 8 blocks 50 Premine, to be distributed to Icelands population. Installer Version This will Install in C:Program Files (x86)MinerSimple GPU Miner and Autostartup with Windows, and add Desktop Icon for Changing Settings.

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Not only did the entire banking system collapse in 2008, but the monetary history of Iceland is one of inflation, devaluation and currency controls. Org block Explorer / Crawler /chain/AuroraCoin, specifications, scrypt Algo 21 million total coins 25 coins per block, coins mature after 100 blocks.