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Can you think of any other examples of products that, while maybe not being ready for prime time out of the gate, should have stuck around longer than they did? Federer happy with return to grass but needs more practice - 01:02. Yet they went the way of bar-ends and URTs. Even amateur ski racers slip on the spandex for the relatively slow-speed slalom events, unconcerned with how the world views them because they know that skin tight fast because science and stuff.

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Psychic cat picks winner of World Cup opener - 00:46. Granted, these were never a good idea if you were doing much more than cross-country racing, but they were damn clever.

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Yes, they're both from the same drivetrain giant, and they're both long dead, but that's not what I'm getting at here; I could also include pedals with their bearings in the crank arms, those old THE Eliminator rims, and even downhill racers wearing skin suits. One of the main reasons that none of those things stuck around, I believe, is that their benefits were either not widely understood, never explained in an easy to grasp way, or straight-up ignored. Even better, the axles could bugger off entirely if the bearings moved shop to the cranks.

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Chris Glew case of Kranked. I'm only one-third serious; I don't expect any downhiller to actually want to wear a skin suit, but it's one example of how we're just fine snubbing something regardless of its advantages. Skin suits for downhillers?

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Why did it go down like that? Ensuring that you're working with the right talent.

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Similar: dead (no longer having or seeming to have or expecting to have life). Hello, their only goal should be to get from point A to point B asap, and the ol' sausage suit makes all the sense in the world. Adjusting to technology changes, managing your prioritization process, making tough choices. I know more about knitting sweaters out of cat hair than I do about marketing, but given the often bewildering approach that some companies take when debuting a new product, not even a numbskull like me needs a crystal ball to predict the angry mob. Late 14c., "to carry into effect from Old French executer (14c.