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Google Employees: Guides and community managers who work at Google. Here are the basic steps of the process: Learn more about the program at the. Any information that Googlers have shared with you during your time as a TC remains confidential. If you're an active and knowledgeable member of a Google Product Forum, you can apply to become a Top Contributor.

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As you participate, keep in mind that Google selects Top Contributors based on: Regular participation over a minimum of 4 months. Approximate time to complete: 1 minute.

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Excellent quality and tone in posts that are friendly, clear, and accurate. It's up to Googles discretion whether Forum contributors gain Top Contributor status. Levels, levels indicate how much someone participates in a Forum. Youll still have the title of TC Alumni, but youll be removed from private TC forums. G Suite Status Dashboard.

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Choose a product and forum to focus on at m/forum. These activities can increase your level: Post an answer, have your answer selected as the best answer. Become a Top Contributor (TC joining the program can take several months. Top Contributor alumni: Past Top Contributors, mentors: Experienced Top Contributors who give help and advice to Rising Stars, new participants, and anyone interested in the Top Contributor program.

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When you become a TC, the TC badge will appear. Google Experts: Google partners who share their expertise. Contribution to Forum initiatives, interactions with the Google team, if your contributions no longer meet TC standards, you can lose your TC membership. If you agree, your survey will open in a new window.

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Join discussions and answer questions in the forum you chose. If your posts are marked as abuse and removed from the Forum, that will slow your advance to the next level.