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BoxCryptor itself has zero access to your data (or your account info, so don't lose your password.) CyberGhost VPN Europe-centric CyberGhost offers a free, ad-driven VPN service to let you browse anonymously, and it does a great jobso great there's little need to upgrade. burning Linux CD's from ISO images, Linux alternatives to iTunes and Microsoft Office's OneNote, synchronizing a PocketPC with Linux, and a former listener's failed attempt to move to Linux.

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33:02 Win Modem depends on Windows to work. What about files systems.

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WPS Office With names like Writer, Spreadsheets, and Presentations, you might not think that Kingsoft's WPS Office has a lot of imagination. Defragmenting a hard disk has become a little pass in the age of terabyte drives, but it's still a smart thing to do to eke out a little more data-access speed. We describe how to do this on some of the most popular desktop environments. The following resources are mentioned in this episode: Amazon Glacier clients: Moving to Linux.

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The following resources are mentioned in this episode: Starting a Linux user group (LUG ml PCWorld: m/linux is gone Create a Chrome TOR button: Now Unity makes sense: Mint upgrades: m/tutorial/view/2 Ars Technica: Fixing, er, ah, tweaking Gnome 3 mintCast Podcast: http mintcast. 41:58 Curtis: Unity - as slow as Windows on an older laptop 47:21 Rich: Some alternatives to Unity - xfce, lxde 49:04 Who is Shuttleworth? Org Geeknic: http geeknic.

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We also talk about viruses, supportability, crashes, true Open Source, using Open Source applications, DRM and fiel formats, freedom and flexibility. The following resources are mentioned in this episode: How to install software and add source repositories: Ubuntu/Kubuntu m/community/InstallingSoftware Tutorials: Package management (Synaptic) for Debian-based distros LinuxBasics. Read our review of Workflowy. Needed to use WebMin to change file permissions.

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But downloading the mobile clients or using the dedicated Web interface at m opens up lots of other options, from voice and video calls, to SMS texting support, to use of stickers, to, perhaps the best part, chatbots that will talk to you and provide. For Norman's problem: Theme music provided by Mark Blasco m Episode 182 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #182 Computer America #53 00:15 Introduction 01:55 How to avoid computer infections and malware 30:16 JackDeth: Virtual Box guest editions add-ons explained 35:42 Ken: Looking for specialized applications. Everything just works when a computer's hardware and software are designed to work together. The term for this is disaster recovery, and if youve ever worked in an IT department, that and downtime are two concerns that tend to insinuate themselves into everything you do, and with good reason.

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24:25 John: Happy with Windows but trying Linux because it will rule the world in 5 years 26:06 Charles: Looking forward to the wine episode 26:54 Andy: Listening to us because Lug Radio has stopped 27:39 Barbara:Thanks for the help, Audacity not helping much with. 43:08 Installing Linux using Wubi 45:47 Jonathan: Blind Linux user builds accessible Linux computers, includes our episodes 48:13 Trihexiphenidyl: Microsoft shut off. 52:38 Brian: Tweaking Gnome 3 to add back removed features 53:31 Rick: Gone Linux Mint 56:50 Software picks: mumble and minitube 60:28 m, 1-904-4-OUR-TUX, @goinglinux, feedback, listen, subscribe 63:35 End Top Jun 21: #142 Computer America #39 download: mp3 ogg play now: flash review this. 55:33 Are you entitle to support with Linux if you purchase it?