Setting up, google Authenticator is as easy as scanning a QR code

To sign in with 2-step verification Go to m/login. And WinAuth is one such application for Windows. Google Authenticator, install the, google Authenticator application on your mobile device. Google, authentication dialog: Go to your, google Authenticator, app and input the current authentication code you see in the app into this dialog. . If you haven't enabled two-step authentication, you should stop what you're doing now, head over to your Google account, and enable this must-have security feature.

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We selected Other so we can customize the name of the app password. Setting up, google, authenticator and 2-step verification for your Hootsuite account requires you to first install the. Google Authenticator configuration window. It's easy to set up and can be used in a process called two-factor authentication (2FA) offered on popular services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Have you had difficulty setting up two-step authentication on your Android device?

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Google, authenticator app eliminates the possibility of an SMS-based attack using algorithms to generate the codes on your phone. Open the main menu in the Google Authenticator app. For the past few years, two-step authentication has become one of the most common methods to secure our online accounts as it adds an additional layer of security in the form of totp (Time-based One-time Password). How to enable the Two-Step Authorization, to use the. Is this article useful?

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Authenticator  to generate the time-based one-time password. To enable the two-step authorization, you will need to login at the general login page and choose the "Two-step authorization activation" option: It is recommended to take a look at the official documentation first. On the 2-Step Verification page in your browser, click Setup under Authenticator app. Click Try It to send a code to your phone.

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If an app password gets compromised, you can revoke it on this page, by clicking Revoke next to the app name in the list. Step Three: Open the, google, authenticator app on your new device and tap Begin setup.

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The Google Authenticator app is open source and based on open standards. Other software projects, such as LastPass, have even started using Google Authenticator to implement their own two-factor authentication. Enter a name for the app for which you want to generate a password and then click Generate. From this point forward you can use the Google Authenticator on your PC using WinAuth. This system has been introduced to protect your account in most possible cases, even if a malefactor manages to get your password.