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Before XEU rates are theoretical ones. Non ISO 4217 currencies edit Currencies without ISO 4217 currency codes edit A number of currencies are not included in ISO 4217, because these currencies are: (a) minor currencies pegged 1:1 to a larger currency, even if independently regulated (b) a legal tender only issued. Bloomberg Currency Calculator - Currency trading with calculator, currency trading - m 24 hour online currency trading. Future codes edit The following is a list of future codes of official ISO 4217 currency names.

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X currencies edit In addition to codes for most active national currencies ISO 4217 provides codes for "supranational" currencies, procedural purposes, and several things which are "similar to" currencies: Codes for the precious metals gold (XAU silver (XAG palladium (XPD and platinum (XPT) are formed. ISO 4217 is a standard first published. "Currency code" redirects here.

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Swiss Association for Standardization. Since there is no need for such a distinction in international trade applications, the funds codes have not been included in the Annex to the present Recommendation.

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As a result, the list of codes must be updated from time to time. Contents, code formation edit, a list of exchange rates for various base currencies given by a money changer in Thailand, with the Thailand Baht as the counter (or") currency. The ISO 4217 maintenance agency (MA SIX Interbank Clearing, is responsible for maintaining the list of codes. State Bank of Vietnam Breaking News: Why is the Vietnamese Dong to USD exchange rate showing 46 cents or 47 cents on sites like m and m? SIX Interbank Clearing (a Maintenance Agency of ISO) is currently studying the impact and role of cryptocurrencies and other independent currencies on ISO 4217.

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European Composite Unit (eurco) (bond market unit) XBB 956. These currencies include: See Category:Fixed exchange rate for a list of all currently pegged currencies. "Publications Office Interinstitutional style guide.3.3. The USD conversion factor has 6 significant digits.

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XDR is the symbol for special drawing right issued by the International Monetary Fund. Url "Banco Central del Uruguay - Cambios de Unidad Monetaria - 1 de julio de 1975".