Romance scam suckers South Korean out of nearly 90,000

S: You have to place order and make deposit for reservation of item. Kim would then waste his mark's time and resources, and ask for a fee to broker this highly unrealistic deal, which usually falls through. . In the introduction phase of my relationship with Kim, he was very kind, personable, and seemed knowledgeable on the needs and wants of my web development project. DO NOT hire BOB WAN KIM / journik / sparkah - HE will RIP YOU OFF.  I did not follow my gut instinct to be wary of the introduction and ended up contacting Kim shortly thereafter.

South Korean Police Bust 38 Million Bitcoin Ponzi Scam - CCN

The scammer asks for a hefty deposit and promises to deliver the item via courier within 48 hours. I'd normally feel sorry for such a loser, but he forfeited his right to any sympathy by stealing our money - hence this website. This account is being used to try to sell a new Mac Book Pro, Apple iPhones, and Samsung smart TVs on several Facebook sites.  Throughout the small claims process Robert Kim would send patronizing emails my way regarding the small claims action (knowing that he would be fully protected by his corporate veil).

So something weird happened to me in Korea tonight, and I need

 In August, 2013, a small claims judgment was made against his company Sparkah LLC. I appreciated your efforts at that time very much, so feel free and get in touch with my secretary Michael Jone, l have instruct him on how to send you the Bank draft to you. In other words, he is an expert at deliberately practiced deception. V: I thought it is a store account?

The Biggest Cryptocurrency Fraudster of All-Time - Introducing

He will walk into a business and claim he is an ex-management professional of a prestigious company related to his mark's industry. I had a car accident and had to leave the life to pay for my chiropractor bills!

We trolled an online love scammer to see how far Mr Too Good

I was born as Wan Qi Kim but my mom changed the name to Bob after I repeatedly complained that the 3rd graders slaughtered the pronunciation! He operates under numerous variants of his name and acts as a figurehead for multiple one-man and unregistered facade companies. The item never arrives and the scammer then blocks the buyer on Facebook.