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This option is not required if an environment variable named ASK_default_device_locale is set. Create-account-linking subcommand Adds or updates account linking configuration details for the specified skill. The same results will appear as when debug is not specified, except that an additional debug message is displayed (sent to stderr) after the command finishes executing. (Any String) me - me filter matches the results where the me matches one or more of the values in this filter.

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Supported values include: en-US, en-GB, en-CA, en-AU, en-IN. The low-level validate command combines the validation and retrieval operations in one.

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Account ARN of the Alexa for Business organization, such as arn:aws:iam: :root. Documentation that consists of getting started guides only should be considered incomplete. The profile under which the account linking is created. Debug Mode for ASK CLI Commands Almost all of the commands, as shown in their descriptions, can be run in debug mode, by appending -debug to the command.

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It expires in 60 minutes. Log in, and the access_token and refresh_token values will appear in the CLI window. This is particularly the case for developers that are new to web API integration, or for those that prefer to use their IDE and code completion to get their job done faster. This function returns false if an error occurs; see the lastError paragraph for more informations on error handling. Intent-requests-history subcommand Provides skill developers with the aggregated and anonymized transcriptions of user speech data and intent request details for their skills, on a per-skill basis.

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Once deleted, the skill cannot be retrieved. This library uses simple_html_dom, by Jose Solorzano: t/projects/simplehtmldom this library was written by afilini. Log command format: ask lambda log -f-function -start-time -end-time -limit -raw /code Options: -function, -f Required. Dnsbench, simple DNS server benchmarking tool, go.

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locale, -l Optional if ASK_default_device_locale environment variable is set, otherwise, required. If this skill package has been created by previously downloading an existing skill using ask clone, and you perform ask deploy on the package for the first time, then ASK CLI will prompt you to ensure you want to overwrite the existing skill in your. For Linux, to create the AWS environment variables, enter these commands in the CLI window, substituting the values that you have obtained from the AWS console for my_access_key_id_value and my_aws_secret_access_key.

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In the CLI window, you will then be prompted for the Client ID and Client Secret. If you are creating a new non-default profile, you will be prompted to enter the profile name. Options: -profile, -p Optional. Under the hood, the command calls ask api simulate-skill and continues polling for the simulation status until it is finalized. The skill ID for the skill you want to validate.