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Ink-Suit Actor : Terry-Thomas as Sir Hiss. In due course, the king happens on him, and grants. Who Names Their Kid "Dude"?

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Thank you for watching, black White Movies. Hat Damage : The movie opens with a chase that leaves an arrow stuck through Robin's hat (triggering the Stock Phrase "That one almost had my name on it! Picard is forced to take the role of Robin, and is not amused, although he winds up playing the part with aplomb. I Kiss Your Hand : Robin and Little John use this trope to steal PJ's finger rings at the beginning. Ivanhoe: The King's Knight, features Robin as a recurring character.

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Improbable Aiming Skills : In the archery contest, Robin still manages to score perfect bulls-eyes even though the arrows he's using are made of two twigs tied loosely together with cord. Listen to it by yourself! Robin Hood and Maid Marian may be the inspiration for Tod and Vixie of The Fox and the Hound.note Curiously enough in the Mexican Spanish dub, Marian's voice actress (Diana Santos) voiced both Marian and Vixie respectively. Leverage is a 2008 American TV series set in the modern day whose cast is intentionally modelled after Robin Hood and his Merry Men (albeit in the form of a Five-Token Band.) Rather than just one antagonist, it has various evil corporations. Not Marian's aunt) would presumably have been lionesses to provide heirs.

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It went on to become the lace capital of the world and Nottingham was crowned the Queen of the Midlands. Forgive me a cruel chuckle - aheheheh. Enjoy the Hampster Dance?

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Cats Are Mean : Played straight and inverted with Prince John and King Richard (who are both lions respectively. Plus the angle and perspective of the rhinos who leap to catch her. We Have Become Complacent : Throughout the film, Prince John and his enforcers seem to keep gaining the Smart Ball whenever the heroes' start overestimating their incompetence.

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Naturally, the Sheriff doesn't listen to him. Big Brother Instinct : Robin Hood towards Skippy and the other kids. Casual Danger Dialogue : Robin proposing to Marian and the two of them planning their honeymoon and future family while dodging through a chaotic open brawl.