Show Me the Money: Top 10 Tips to Find Your Unclaimed Cash

You have three years to file past returns and claim your refund so you have until April 15, 2015, to file your 2011 return. This website is a clearinghouse for the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

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We have launched a new secure portal, My DOR, for all Department of Revenue Services, including unclaimed property (UCP). Features, consultation accounting, statistics on costs and purchases of personal or family. Savings bonds, did you hate it when a relative gave you a savings bond when you were a kid? When money gets lost in space, it gets held by the state until someone comes looking for. Rating:1/5 7/21/2013 vishnu waste don't download this app instead of this download ucash!

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Former pension plan, millions of dollars in pension benefits go unclaimed, usually after companies go out of business or close their plans. Gov and see if youre in their refund database. If you think you may have an unclaimed former pension plan, check the. Its particularly easy if you have a unique last name.

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If youre one of these people, The average unclaimed check is for 698. Information goes securely and directly to the state/provincial unclaimed property office. Maybe for a birthday or other special occasion? Also, if you ever had an FHA home loan, HUD may be sitting on refund money for you. Billions of dollars in matured savings bonds have never been cashed  and in fact, a lot of people dont even know they have them. .

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In 2015, the IRS reported that nearly 1 billion in refunds were still waiting to be claimed by people who had not filed 2011 returns. Read more: 28 ways to make extra cash each month. Read more: Ways to unlock free money thats rightfully yours. You need to enter your Social Security number, your filing status and the amount you were due as shown on your tax return.