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Obviously, when you start seeing words like daily interest, lending program, and affiliate program on a cryptocurrency-related website, red flags should start to appear in your head. DavorCoin, coin Name : DAV. You can also get your capital back that is your initial deposit amount anytime after a specified time period.

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During ICO stage there will be a minimum and maximum purchase amount for each customers and the minimum is 100DAV and the maximum is 50,000 DAV. And while creating new lending package you have to choose the checkbox option for auto reinvestment option. Actually it will be in a form of digital public money taht is created by the complex mathematical computations and validated by blockchain technology. After you spend some time reading the DavorCoin website, youll notice some unusual things about the company. Max Deposit : 1000.

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But their bid still raises red flags. And the maximum amount that you can invest with Davorcoin lending program has no limity. Profit : upto 48 Monthly Interest.10.

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DavorCoin may be a legitimate investment opportunity that pays investors 48 returns per month. Just like with BitConnect, the state of Texas issued the order based on the practice of the Davor Coin team to hire individuals who offer investment opportunities without being registered dealers or agents. Typically, programs like this are associated with scams and pyramid schemes like Bitconnect and other notorious scams.

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Max Deposit : 25,000. Davorcoin Social media feeds, add Coin. Capital back :After 239Days. Users can earn 10 per month during the first year, for example, and 8 per month in the second year, dropping to 5 per month by the third year. Paying, online: 172 days, join Now, plans: Plan 1 : Min Deposit : 100.

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DavorCoin also has a lending program that pays a monthly interest rate of up. Youll be paid back after a 239 day period. However, this time, investors lost confidence much earlier. Will It be a Smart way to invest in Davor coin?

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Max Deposit : 5000. Plan 5 : Min Deposit : 25,001 Profit : upto 48 Monthly Interest.35. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. Investments also have a locking period of 30 to 120 days.