Golden Eagle, log and Timber Homes: Simplified Turnkey Cost

We Fix L o g H o mes Log Home Staining, Log Home Chinking, Repair Water Air Leaks, Rotten Log Replacement, Structural Repair, Log Home Restoration or New Additions to Existing Log Homes. Things like this need to be thought of before the lot is purchased. Below are great examples of how easy it is to make the wrong pricing assumptions without us asking a lot of questions first. There in one home near Billings Montana that the owners were never able to finish.

What is the turnkey cost for a log home?

Tips for a Successful "Roll Out" of your. If building on the side of a mountain, a driveway cost alone may triple. If you can build in the middle of summer when it is drier costs may be less than fighting through mud in the spring or fall or ice in the winter. Ft., 24' x 40' Exterior Dimensions One of the best log home kits for sale. That's taking a home that you as a customer thought would finish at 300,000 and really as the dust settles it completes at a whopping 420,000.

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If you will only be happy with the 15,000 imported counter top, then it needs to be reflected in the allowance for that item. Then each allowance can be adjusted, if need be, to an accurate amount. The first thing you will notice about 30 foot by 40 foot Killington log cabin home kits is the attractive gable roof with dormer window. .

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Two of them have garages, one has a walk out basement, one has a porch, all three have different windows, roof overhangs, etc. All are exactly the same. Lets say the ballpark price is in your budget and your credit union or bank agrees with your budget numbers.

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For one home we built in Madison County, the cost of excavation went from 4,000 a final expense of 12,000. Find out why our Log Home product and design is the best in the Loghome Industry. Cement delivery is another substantial cost that can vary. There are ways to still make your dream come true.

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April 24, 2018, timber Ridge, log, home, starting at 123,900 (Click here for turn key estimate) 3 Bed, 2 Full Bath, 1 Half Bath, 2200. We are located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Gunnison, Colorado, and we ship our handcrafted log packages anywhere in the country and beyond. We will lock in your price until March, link To See Home Log Home Under Construction.