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In a stop loss situation, your broker wouldve just sold your stock as soon as it crossed below 9, in this example you wouldve sold. You have the option of specifying the duration on a limit order. Fast markets, how fast prices move can also affect the execution price. To provide myself better pricing, a limit order ensures I only enter the stock at a price were I feel comfortable.

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Note: limit-on-close orders require the duration type to be set to day. Your stop price is the maximum price youll pay when buying and the minimum price youll accept when selling. There is a maximum allowable spread of 5 between the offset price and the trailing-stop price.

How to Use Trailing Stops - Video Investopedia

Assumptions Avg Price.34 Action sell Qty 100 Order Type trail Market Price.90 Trailing Amount.20 Stop Price.80 Limit Offset.10 Limit Price (Calculated as Stop Price Limit Offset).70 Step 5 Market Price Touches Stop Price, Limit Order Submitted The market price. Its not recession or not. If you do not allow these cookies then some or all of these services may not function properly.

When should I use a trailing stop order?

 This means you have to first think about what level you want the stock to reach before you do anything and then what price you want to enter the position. When its winter, you dont worry that it will always be winter. I reinvest the next month after I sell in the trailing stop portfolio.

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