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As may be surmised then, by relying on the above-mentioned methodological stance, Zen Buddhism has produced an understanding of realityones own self, living nature and human naturequite different from those offered by Western philosophy. This point, for example, is well illustrated in the following Zen dialogue between Zen Master Ungen (Chin. What kind of energy are you feeling in this moment? How does this breath feel?

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In other words, Zens contention is that there is no determination whatsoever in the mirrors activity of just seeing. The Chinese word chn is a shortening of chn'n acaron; meditation, contemplation a borrowing of the Sanskrit term dhynam. Zen - Computer Definition (1) A social collaboration platform. This point is well portrayed in Zens landscape paintings wherein a human figure occupies the space of a mere dot in vast natural scenery. Zen explains the fact that the mirror just sees no-thing or nothing when its act of seeing is mobilized in facing a thing.

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This, Jinne says, is true seeing, which is non-discriminatory wisdom ( praj ). That is, here and now is one experience (and hence not two and for this reason they should be designated as here-now.

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That is, the mirror does not take any stance of likes and dislikes; it does not take a stance of for or against. Theres no need to get away from the chaos. Present concerns, worries, fears, and past memory often surface.

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This awareness lets a thing announce itself as a thing. This transmission is said to occur only from a Buddha to another Buddha ( yuibutsu yobutsu ).

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As Joshs nothing has been made a kan, numerous Zen masters have used it to test a students progress in meditation. This is because there is nothing in the bottomless background to determine or delimit how things appear. The problem with this method is that we spend our energy unnecessarily in exercising our will.

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We want stillness, we want rest, we want peace. It mirrors thing-events as they are.