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IP professionals will need this to explore freedom to operate at various stages of the development and also to assess the value of a patent portfolio in the chemical and pharmaceutical field. IP professionals and patent examiners worldwide trust STN to provide access to the most current and comprehensive collection of the world's disclosed patent and non-patent, scientific and technical content on one platform.

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You can search more than 85 reputable STN databases. The total number of citations to substances in the CA and CAplus files is both searchable and displayable. Searching for scientific information has never been easier! The forum gives an overview of the latest developments in Asian patent data during a poster exhibition 5 -,  Vienna, Austria.

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Records contain CAS Registry Numbers, CA index names, commonly used synonyms, polymer class terms, structure diagrams (many with stereo-chemical information molecular formulas, and calculated physical properties, all of which are searchable. Copyright 2018 We Are STN Ltd. To support substance content, STN also provides the most robust substance searching capabilities available, including structure, property, sequence, and chemical name searching.

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Box 3012, columbus, Ohio. Besparen op uw zakelijke telefonie? For convenient choice of pricing, the zregistry file identical to registry is available.

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A learning file, lregistry, is available. Vraag vrijblijvend advies. STN InternationalSM, an information service in the field of research and patent information worldwide renowned, presented  a poster illustrating the unrivalled coverage of Asian patent publications. While Markush structures often make up the claims of a patent, specific compounds represent the preferred aspect of the invention. The LC field indicates other STN files that contain information on the substance and indicates regulatory listings where the substance may occur.