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So, to dip our toes in this burgeoning category of ultraportable drones, we got our hands on Yuneecs new Breeze drone to see how it compares to the rest of the pack. Because Breeze fits so easily inside a backpack, we found ourselves bringing it along on more outings which, in turn, meant that we captured more cool footage. The other limiting factor is the fact that Breeze doesnt come with a physical controller. To top it all off, Yuneec ships each and every Breeze drone with a carrying case, a set of prop guards, and two batteries each of which will get you about 11 to 12 minutes of flight time. Breeze provides an efficient platform to track donations and generate reports in a few clicks.

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Read full review 9 Comments.1 out of 5, great time with family and friends! This bird was designed to be more of a robotic photographer than a high-performance hobbyist quad, so its really more focused on auto-fly than manual mode. Although users can import their data themselves, getting help from Breeze at no additional costs comes handy. It has a max horizontal speed of 5 meters per second (roughly 11 miles per hour can only ascend at a rate of one meter per second (about.2 miles per hour and has a maximum range of just 100 meters (0.06 miles) but thats. Enjoyed the overall experience.

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Breeze allows churches to categorize contacts into members, guests, volunteers and staff. The software also allows integration of the current online giving solution, which helps avoid any possible disruption.

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It allows us to easily print name tags, directories, to check children in and print nametags, to take attendance at all events, to email from it, and. Getting on and off the ship is slow but they appear to be doing their best with thousands leaving and others waiting to board a ship. Overview of Breeze Benefits, users who are already using a system to manage their churches and want to move to another system are often faced with difficulties in transferring their data. Rich Shibley/Digital Trends, rich Shibley/Digital Trends, as for accessories, the Breeze comes with a couple small but important additions.

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Upload Photos, view all 11126 Photos, view 30 Professional Photos 1492 Reviews. On top of that, Breeze is also equipped with a decent suite of autonomous filming modes, including Orbit, Follow Me, and Selfie features that used to be found exclusively on drones that cost 1,000 or more. Breeze API offers even more flexibility and can be used to build custom applications for enhanced integration.