EtherLink Review: LendConnect ICO lending Ponzi reboot

The EtherLink Compensation Plan, etherLink affiliates give the companys anonymous owner ethereum on the promise of a daily.5 to 5 ROI. Prominent cryptocurrency company accounts are being impersonated on Twitter and Facebook.

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Steneum also claims to be preparing to partner with a global cryptocurrency exchange by February, although we can find no evidence thats true. In addition, the issuance of crypto dollars, for example, would give non-banks access to the Fed balance sheet, and thus could endanger the economically and socially important financial intermediation function of commercial banks. The Steneum ICO 5 million Steneum tokens will be sold in 5 rounds. Cryptopia : Support for a ridiculously large number of coins, also features an extremely low transaction fee. Others are simply elaborate pump and dump schemes.

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Steneum Conclusion Steneum appears to be a scam similar to many other crypto lending platforms on the market today. If you click the whitepaper link on the EtherLink website, youre presented with a whitepaper for LendConnect.3.0: A visit to the LendConnect website reveals a March 19th re-branding announcement: Investors, Re-branding confirmed! It's been a wild ride for cryptocurrency since Bitcoin (BTC) became the first decentralized digital currency in 2009. A Short List of Somewhat Trusted Exchanges. We note that CCs have not attained the relative stability of value to make them useful as money for everyday transactions.

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And we like to think were clever enough to spot a scam when it is front. Daily LCT trading volume has been less than 10 for most of the week. Some smaller altcoins too, such as Augur, and Stellar Lumens.

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It also seems unlikely theyre based in Dubai. It may not even be based on any blockchain technology : for all we know, the developers of Hextracoin invented the token arbitrarily off-chain. Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes, in the spring of 2017, a Mumbai-based company called OneCoin was delivering a sales pitch to a room of investors. Pump Date 100 31 December 2018 ShipChain (ship) Web Platform V1 Release "Track Trace platform allows carriers to develop their own sidechains. All you need to do is pay the company over 10,000, and theyll pay you.30 interest every day, guaranteed, plus an additional 48 ROI per month.